The Best Live Music Locations in Boulder, CO

Where to See a Concert in Boulder, COWhen it comes to a night out on the town, few events are more satisfying than seeing live music. But it's more than just the hair-raising blast of the guitar or the mournful sounds of a cello that makes for a memorable time. Good live music can be a true catharsis for the audience, allowing everyone to come together in a shared experience that puts everyone square in the moment. Those looking for a music venue in Boulder, CO to help achieve that experience (rather than interfere with it) should check out the following spots.

Boulder Bandshell

Boulder Bandshell is an outdoor landmark theater giving its audience amazing acoustics, stunning performances, and innovative original scores. On any given night, the audience might be treated to everything from opera to Latino music. This is the place to go for music lovers who want to experience music on a different level. The Boulder Bandshell is a photogenic treasure and a venue that hosts more than just concerts. Plus, all the shows at the Bandshell are free. Bring a picnic and take joy in the simple things under the sun or stars.

Address: 1212 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

Fox Theatre

It can be truly amazing to see bands at the Fox Theatre due to its intimate set up. This small venue gives people a chance to really connect with each other and the artist. Some bands can put on an amazing performance no matter where the performers happen to be, but if the sound and layout of the venue are wrong, that performance can really suffer. The Fox Theatre gives its bands maximum support, so there's less chance of patrons feeling slighted by the end of the night. People like coming here to see the bands, though it should be noted that the staff is no-nonsense when it comes to their patrons following the rules.

Here are just a few upcoming bands at the Fox:

  • Manic Focus
  • Priceless Da Roc
  • Emotional Oranges
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff

Address: 1135 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Gold Hill Inn

The Gold Hill Inn isn't a modern venue, and in fact, it's mainly beloved for its old-fashioned charm. The live music, full menu, and fireplace all set its patrons up for a full night of indulgence. Enjoy a multi-course meal before checking out the live show of the night. There's a lot of talent in the Boulder area to be found here. And while they may not have the same name recognition as their famous counterparts, it may not be long until they transition into household names. Come here to discover new flavors and sounds while making memories that will last forever.

Address: 401 Main St, Boulder, CO 80302

Boulder Theater

Like the Fox Theatre, the Boulder Theater is also on the small side (the Fox Theater Company owns the Boulder Theater). Located near practically all the best bars and restaurants in the Boulder area, this location is beloved for its unpretentious vibe and quality concerts. Originally opened in 1906 as an opera house, the theater has been everything from a movie theater to a concert venue. Visitors who came here during the Great Depression would have received a bag of groceries if they just so happened to be sitting in the right seat. The sound is spectacular, the seats are comfortable, and the bar is fully stocked.

Address: 2032 14th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Live music in Boulder, CO can be a real treat for the senses. Sip on a drink, hear the bands, taste the food, and feel the passion that spills out of every performer. Patrons who go on a cold night are instantly warmed by the appreciation that can be found in every corner of the room. Music lovers should try different venues around the city to find the perfect one to ignite their own passions.

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